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When you consider air conditioning, do you picture big, heavy, noisy monsters that devour energy? Things have changed! The latest cooling equipment contain digital displays, timers, “smart” fans that automatically adjust speeds to maintain ideal temperatures, remote controls, programmable thermostats, and Wi-Fi compatibility. They are virtually noiseless, easy to install, a breeze to maintain, and more energy efficient than previously possible.

The cooling industry is competitive. Consumers demand energy efficiency in order to lower costs and cut consumption. Recent regulations have also stipulated more environmentally responsible HVAC equipment. Manufacturers have risen to the challenge, making available Energy-star rated models with SEER ratings well above 20, which can save you up to 30% on cooling bills every year.

Replace Your A/C With a Brand-Name Unit that Will Last for Years

RS Reinford Mechanical partners with the most popular and reliable manufacturers, focusing mainly on Trane equipment. This gives our customers proven longevity and performance in their equipment as well as comprehensive warranties. But it’s not enough to find a dependable cooling unit. The biggest factor in how efficient and how long your air conditioner will work is how it is installed.

When you call RS Reinford Mechanical, you’re benefiting from years of training and experience. By demonstrating a continuing dedication to customer service, we’ve built lasting relationships with a growing list of satisfied customers.

Schedule an A/C Installation Consultation!

We make the installation process convenient, simple and pleasurable. Our goal is to make you more than just comfortable. We offer precise temperature control, so those scorching summers never touch the oasis within your home. And once you’re perfectly cool, we’ll set up a maintenance plan to assure your comfort never falters. Call RS Reinford Mechanical and find out what it means to be perfectly cool.

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