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RS Reinford Mechanical installs top shelf heating equipment, focusing mainly on Trane equipment due to their proven longevity, efficiency, and high quality. Our technicians have demonstrated superior product knowledge through intensive industry testing, and specialize in high-efficiency boilers, conventional boilers, air conditioning, commercial HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, ductwork, retrofit, and any other task that comes our way. This adds up to the most efficient solution to keep our customers comfortable all year round!

We combine the most environmentally responsible and energy efficient equipment with expert installation and dedicated yearly maintenance plans, to offer the best investment in your home comfort. Our staff of service technicians have years of experience with the complexities of heating technology and can directly match the ideal system for your specific needs.

Replace Your Old Furnace & Install a New Energy-Efficient Heating System

Heating your home is a major investment and commitment. You expect your heating system to provide reliable, uninterrupted and precise temperature control year after year, without driving your utility bills through the roof. Finding the perfect match for your expectations takes more than one guy with a measuring tape. Our team understands the unique conditions of winter. Our specialist will factor in all characteristics of your home; from crawl spaces to insulation, as well as what you plan to spend on the initial purchase and future utility bills. We’ll discuss ENERGY STAR options, AFUE ratings, warranty coverage, and the many innovative features available.

Old, low efficiency heating systems, were burdened by the need for a continuous pilot light, a natural draft to create a flow of combustion gases and AFUE ratings below 70%. Over the last ten years, high efficiency systems have switched to sealed combustions, electronic ignition (no pilot light), condensing flue gases in a second heat exchanger for extra efficiency and AFUE ratings in the range of 98.5%.

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RS Reinford Mechanical provides warmth you can count on and afford. When you call us for heating system installation, our comfort specialists make it simple, easy and rewarding. You can’t go wrong with RS Reinford Mechanical.

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