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To prepare your heating equipment for the tough Pensylvania winters, schedule fall maintenance with us before the chill takes over. Having your furnace inspected regularly by trained HVAC specialists holds numerous advantages.

Annual service uncovers minor problems before they become major problems, limiting repairs over the lifetime of your furnace. Fewer repairs means your equipment costs less to operate.

By scheduling maintenance in the fall, there’s time to order replacement parts if needed, making sure you don’t get stuck waiting during the coldest weekend in January.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Heating System

Checking the efficiency of a furnace ensures it will heat your home effectively and economically. Your heating equipment can’t come close to meeting manufacturer’s expectations without yearly cleaning and calibrating, and if neglected, may even void the warranty. A properly maintained furnace can last twenty years or more.

Dirt builds up on the internal parts of your heating equipment during the summer months. Dirt is the number one enemy of efficiency. As dirt rests on components like the motor, air handler, or heat exchanger, it creates friction, causes the system to use more energy and increases wear and tear. You may notice higher energy bills, noisier operation, and that you’re just not as warm and comfortable as you’d like to be.

Experience Furnace Service Technicians

Our team will perform a comprehensive cleaning of the entire furnace system, inspect the condition of related components such as ductwork, humidifiers or air cleaners, and complete a full-scale inspection to identify problem areas and replace any components that are beginning to wear out.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends having an HVAC contractor perform annual, pre-season check-up of your heating and cooling equipment. To ensure healthy indoor air quality, it’s vital to maintain the heating unit and it’s venting mechanisms.

By cleaning, checking connections, lubricating moving parts and inspecting system’s controls, the specialists from RS Reinford Mechanical will make sure your heating unit is operating at maximum efficiency, and saving you money on both utility bills and preventable repairs.

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